Roller Crash Global Release

Use epic abilities and build huge combos in latest mobile game from Pelite Productions!

Download Roller Crash now from Google Play and Apple Store!

Tampere, Finland – April 20th, 2018: Pelite Productions today announced the global release of their latest mobile game, Roller Crash. The game is free to play and is available on iOS and Android platforms from today.

The addition of upgradeable abilities and combos brings a completely new look at the endless runner genre. Instead of dodging and avoiding, Roller Crash gives you the ability to smash your way through the streets while building massive combos!

Roller Crash focuses on giving players customizable gaming experiences, with the addition of three ability-slots and loads of abilities to choose from you can customize the way you interact with the game to match your own personal playstyle! Use everything from exploding sticks of dynamite to high-speed charges to conquer the leaderboards!

Game Features

  • Highly customizable gaming experience. YOU choose how you want to play! If you prefer to go on defence, use shields and barriers to protect you while dashing through the streets! Or just go all in on the destruction and cannonball jump your way to the top. You decide!
  • Wide selection of different styles. Go for regular roller skate style, or go completely wild and rock with a crocodile mask. Why? Because you can!
  • Competing in tournaments, Roller Crash has weekly events and the best players are awarded the top rewards!
  • Playing together in clubs. Playing is a lot more fun when you can team up with your friends. Grab your crew and work together on weekly challenges while earning great prizes!

Our goal with the game was to give reigns to the players. We designed the Roller Crash with the intent of making a customizable experience by giving players the ability to quickly alter the way they interact with the game.” Croni Järvenpää, designer and a co-founder said, “This is the core foundation of Roller Crash, and it’s something that we’re proud of achieving”.

About Pelite Productions
Pelite Productions is mobile game development studio founded in Tampere, Finland. The company consist of five developers experting in various fields with a strong background in gaming on multiple platforms. Pelite Productions aims to excel in making customizable gaming experiences and in making a long lasting relationships their customers.

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