Roller Crash has all the loved bread and butter an endless runner features but the real fun starts with the various upgradeable abilities which you can change according to your needs or playstyle. Alter your game experience to your liking! Do you prefer being a sly as fox? Go forward in using shields and barriers to protect yourself while dashing through the streets! Or do you prefer bringing mayhem and destruction upon everything that comes in your way while trying to maintain huge combos?

You get three ability slots to be used during runs. Throwing dynamites, using exploding shields to protect yourself and slowing down the time are good examples of the action you might witness!

You can choose to be a lone wolf and work your way up alone or create a club for you and your fellow rollers to team up for challenges and more importantly go on to become the top dog of you club!

Became famous by earning fame points! As you get your street cred up you earn rewards varying from cash and new abilities to cool outfits to show out your unique style choices!

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